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Alternative Citizenship & Residence planning 

As a boutique immigration consultancy, we help our clients identify the most suitable route for alternative citizenship or residency solution, whilst taking into consideration individual requests, background specifications and your vision for the future. Please reach out for a consultation to learn further.  

EU Citizenship

Learn about programmes which lead you and your family to become EU citizens in a fast-track and secure way

EU Residency

Golden Visa options are a popular choice for getting access to travel and live in the EU with a permanent residency status

Global Programmes

Learn more about worldwide citizenship and residency by investment programmes offering global mobility solutions

Your Consultant

Julia started her career in the investment migration industry in 2014, prior to that specialising in the field of corporate and banking services in Malta. Observing the immense value which alternative citizenship and residence brings to individuals and families, grew her passion for seeking optimal solutions for clients with different backgrounds and personal/business needs.

Julia Dugina

Immigration Specialist

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South Africa| Malta 

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